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(It) brought the magic back into my life again. — Fiona Burns, on being diagnosed with cancer

There is purpose + meaning to my life, a reason I am here. Even in the darkest moments (which have been many), I knew fulfilling what I came here to do meant carrying on. Even when I didn’t want to. Even when I didn’t care to.

It came to me in a dream.

As an empath and INFJ, I never fit in. I was ugly duckling mixed with awkward teenage unicorn; wobbly, nervous, uncomfortable in my own skin, lonely in my own mind. Even in friend groups I felt like the outlier. Cultural norms escaped me. “What are the rules and when did everyone agree to them?” I thought. I was human among aliens. Or the other way around, I wasn’t entirely sure.

But I was in touch with the Spirit world, and I received assurance and messages through dreams. Some dreams clearly told me my purpose, and others just reminded me what love and connection felt like. These dreams were and are real in ways the “real world” has never been.

I have carried on, like so many people carry on. I through depression, anxiety, apathy, cancer, betrayal, There is something you need to hear. A truth that can only be unlocked with my unique perspective and voice.

This is my message.